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The Planet Chess Club Store is now open! Lessons, USCF memberships and chess merchandise for YOUR style!

The Planet Chess Club offers high quality, personalized instruction for individuals and groups of all ages. We specialize in afterschool programs for children and helping schools and religious institutions found and grow their chess programs.

Inquisitiveness and the desire to improve one's self are two of the most important and natural human traits. Planet Chess Club instructors know this and understand how to allow each individual's uniqueness to shine through, using the medium of chess.

Message us for inquiries and more information.

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic our coaching and instruction are soley online until further notice. Thanks for understanding.

Benfits of Chess

Why learn chess?

The benefits of chess are varied and many, and can enrich the lives of every person. Want to know more? Take a look here for more information!

Planet Chess Club Instruction


Don't waste time getting better. Learning from the experience and knowledge of others is the BEST (and fastest) method of improvement!

Planet Chess Club Coaching


Everyone needs a champion! It's even better when they know a bit about the sport and competition; they have "been there and done that"...

Planet Chess Club Lectures


Elevate your event with presentations for your seminars, tournaments, camps and beyond on various chess and chess-related subjects.