Mark Dvoretsky d. 2016

Mark Dvoretsky

December 9, 1947 - September 26, 2016

International Master, coach and trainer of the elite, prolific author, lover of chess and truth-seeker Mark Izrailovich Dvoretsky has died at the age of 68. Though Dvoretsky had been battling an illness for over 10 years, many say that his death was as sudden as it was unexpected. Dvoretsky while arguably one of the strongest players in the world in his prime (also reaching #38 in the world), he chose to gave his life over to training others and the pursuit truth in chess. Known in the West mainly by his many books (and the mystique surrounding them because of their dense analytical nature), Dvoretsky is very highly esteemed by all chess enthusiasts.

It goes without saying that his parting from the world of the living will undoubtedly leave a Herculean vacuum to be filled.


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