Strategic Manoevers

In light of recent club participation (or lack thereof) the Star City CC will be changing and hopefully augmenting its calendar with events that better serve the Roanoke Chess community. As a matter of mission Planet Chess Club and the Star City Chess Club seek to attract more youth, females and minorities to the royal game. These demographics are woefully underrepresented in the chess world, and probably have the most to offer and the most to gain. Many of the changes will be geared toward creating a weekly tournament where young people can play, compete, learn, have fun and make friends.

Why? Because as it is with anything requiring skill, regular and frequent exercise of the necessary faculties is required for success! Also, why should northern Virginia have all the fun and glory and all of the big, cool tournaments, the notoriety?! That's right, it should (AND CAN) be Roanoke. Check the calendar to stay abreast of the coming changes.

If you have any comments or suggestions, please get in touch!

Star City CC
Planet Chess Club